Justin Turk


Residing in Palm Coast, Florida, Justin Turk is a Pop Rock Folk singer-songwriter who creates music to help express himself through the power of song. If there’s one thing that he hopes to achieve, it’s that his music will serve as a way for others to do the same. Music is a good way for people to express emotions that they subconsciously need to feel. Whether you need to smile or you just want to cry, music can walk you to the door. Old songs can trigger memories and take you back in time to a place of your youth. It can be healing and liberating. That's why Justin creates music for you and anyone who is willing to listen. Justin Turk truly hopes that he can be the one to help create those memories for you. With peace and love, Justin seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through his music.

His career started at the age of 14 when he helped form a middle school group called ‘Indanger of Failing.’ The band performed in front of the entire middle school for character education day. This is when just knew he was meant to be a singer-songwriter. From there, he wrote songs and performed as the frontman for multiple different groups over the years. Justin went on to release multiple records and won numerous local competitions with his band ‘Render Me Useless’ before going solo in 2011. 

From there, Justin released his first full-length solo record ‘Right Here Right Now’ along with several other singles. He also landed some big-time performance opportunities as a featured artist for Conquer Entertainment and other industry professionals, paving the path towards his current endeavors with Century Music Group and his soon to be released album ‘Just In Time.’

For Justin Turk, music is easy listening and fun. That's because good music is rarely a result of a contrived process, but one that is free-flowing and organic. Justin's focus is both in the story and in the melody;  creating songs that you can relate to with catchy hooks that will have you singing along in no time