Justin Turk


Justin Turk is a professional Singer/Songwriter with a penchant for writing infectious music and relatable narratives. Justin Turk is greatly inspired by real life experiences and hardships which greatly influences him as an artist and his writing style.

The Artist’s music journey began at a tender age where he took a keen interest in music. As he grew, Turk eventually learned how to play an instrument and wrote his very first song in 2004 with his band, In Danger of Failing. He later went on to form the hard rock group Render Me Useless releasing two full records before their break up in 2010. Justin went solo in 2011, releasing an additional two whole albums and an number of singles as a solo artist. 

Turk’s music consists of a distinctive blend of multiple styles including Rock, Pop and Folk with a little touch of Southern Soul, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. The resourceful artist also has a unique innate competency to ingeniously put together idiosyncratic sounds and words, creating high aptitude word play and breathtaking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand. Apart from being a musician, the multi-talented individual is a father of 3, a sound therapist that is big on wellness and also runs a children’s birthday party service called Rattle & Rock.

Over the years, Turk has garnered him countless of accolades including winning various band competitions as well as working with notable labels and brands. Being an avid music performer, the artist has also performed live at various notable music both locally and nationally. He is looking forward to showcasing his live performance at many more venues regionally in the near future, to entertain and engage his loyal fans.


Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Justin Turk seeks to positively influence the world and connect with like-minded individuals through his music. Justin Turk is no doubt, well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal Artists in this generation.