Right Here RIght Now

by Justin Turk

Released 2011
Released 2011
“Right Here-Right Now” is an 8 track album filled with amazing tunes, catchy melodies and captivating lead vocals. Justin’s voice is extremely moving.
Justin Turk was born in Woodbridge, NJ. He is a 23 year old singer songwriter, performer, and music teacher. sings and plays guitar, piano and the ukulele. His major musical influence comes from The Beatles. He has been trained in the arts of vocalizing and music business by celebrity vocal coach Cari Cole and is a certified artist developer for Conquer ent. Justin has been aired on internet and FM radio stations all around Europe and the NJ -NY areas. He has performed up and down the east coast at some of the best venue's in states like Fl, VA, NC, P.A, NJ and NY. One of witch includes the 2012 MAIC convention infront of thousands at the Greensbroro Coliseum in NC.

Justin started his professional musical career in 2002 performing and recording with different bands until 2010. During that period Justin released five albums. Further, he proudly wrote and recorded over 40 songs.

In 2012 Justin Turk released his first solo album titled “Right Here-Right Now” which was produced and efficiently recorded by Tom Stratton and Justin Turk, engineered and mixed by Tom Stratton and mastered by Scott Anthony at SoundWave Studios. All songs were written by Justin Turk.

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